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Backup Oracle Hassle and Risk-Free

The Oracle cloud is a popular tool for enterprises looking to utilize cloud computing, but companies sometimes find themselves needing to incorporate on-premise or other cloud storage for greater collaboration and capabilities in the workforce. Unfortunately, integrating two different platforms can be difficult — files move too slow or get stripped of important data in the move, causing headaches for IT departments struggling to fix the damage. SkySync understood that file migration can carry risks for companies, and in 2015 it added a new connector to Oracle.

SkySync’s Oracle connectors allows enterprises to integrate Oracle WebCenter Content or Oracle Documents Cloud Service with a wide range of on-premises or cloud content storage systems. Whether it’s Oracle WebCenter Content’s on-premises ECM solution or Oracle Documents Cloud’s cloud-based file sharing solution, SkySync can handle the job with powerful, easy-to-use middleware technology. It can even integrate Oracle Documents Cloud Service and Oracle WebCenter Content together, creating a fully-synchronized hybrid Enterprise Content Management solution. SkySync allows you to perform jobs of any size without disrupting business.

Migrate to Oracle with Ease

SkySync is architected to work quickly, effectively, and securely. From SkySync you can expect:

  • Secure file migration to Oracle that holds up in even the most regulated network environments, with streaming directly to the storage destination and no file caching.
  • Speeds up to 50x faster than other approaches, with optional Amazon or Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for additional speed.
  • Global management of your enterprise logistic operations.
  • Migration, copying, publishing, or bi-directional synchronization of entire file permissions, structures, and metadata.

For more information on what SkySync can do to help your enterprise backup Oracle or migrate Oracle, contact us.

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AstraZeneca Consolidates 100+ Platforms to Cloud Storage With SkySync

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