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    Bridge Your On-Premises Storage Systems to the Cloud

    Tightly integrate your on-prem. systems including Network File Systems, SharePoint and ECM platforms with any Cloud service.

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    Sync, Migrate or Copy Content Across Systems

    Synchronize, migrate or copy files including their associated  properties, metadata, versions, accounts and permissions.

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    Complete Administrative Control and Security

    Your content is 100% under your existing security domain whether locally or within preconfigured Azure or AWS VM’s.

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    Zero Coding Required… Download and Go

    SkySync installs and configures in minutes. A point-and-click experience, absolutely no custom coding/development is required.


Enterprise Storage Support

SkySync integrates to an ever-growing list of on-premises and cloud-based storage platforms. Easily configure fully bi-directional file synchronization, migration or copy operations across more than 35+ platforms in minutes.

Enterprise Grade Security

Architected to meet the most secure environments, SkySync does not transfer files through or live within a proprietary cloud. SkySync securely installs on your hardware and behind your firewall.

Don’t want to leverage your own hardware? You can optionally provision your own pre-installed SkySync virtual machine (VM) instance within Microsoft’s Azure cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) in just a few mouse clicks. In either paradigm, SkySync is 100% under your security domain.

Files are streamed directly from your existing platform to your new destination system with no impact on your security or IT infrastructure. And since SkySync provides a full audit trail with extensive history and error reporting, you’ll know the exact status of all file transfer operations.

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What SkySync Does

SkySync installs and configures in minutes. From a single workstation to a clustered server environment managing hundreds of terabytes of content. Watch the 45-second video.

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Why We’re a Gartner Cool Vendor…

“SkySync is one of very few vendors that offers simplicity and ease in managing the synchronization and/or migration of large volumes of files (along with their associated permissions, ownership and metadata) across any number of dissimilar content platforms.”