Securely Migrate, Copy, Synchronize
and fully Govern files across Systems

On-premises   Cloud   User Desktops  |  Remote Offices

SkySync Enables Organizations to Tightly-Integrate Storage Platforms Together at Scale
File Migration | Hybrid/Sync Integration | File Transfer Governance | IT Global File Control

The Untethered Enterprise

SkySync’s platform transparently bridges dissimilar storage systems while preserving the complete integrity of existing folder structures, metadata, permissions, document versions and other file-related artifacts.

You’re no longer tethered to a narrow storage strategy. SkySync gives you the flexibility and freedom to architect any storage scenario to meet your business’s unique and ever-changing needs, whether driven by cost savings, organizational structure, compliance or governance mandates.

Fully and bi-directionally synchronize, migrate, copy, backup, archive or publish files across virtually any on-premises or cloud storage services while automatically managing file naming requirements, security and permission models. With SkySync, major integration hurdles are eliminated with zero coding.

Built for Speed, Security and Scale

SkySync is architected to meet the most secure and regulated network environments

  • No file caching or snapshotting
  • No proprietary cloud service
  • Files are streamed directly to the storage destination, not via an intermediary cloud or “presence point”
  • Files are fully encrypted (AES-256) during transport
Hyper-Transfer Technology

SkySync is architected to manage/move billions of files and petabytes of content.  Faster than other approaches by up to 50x, SkySync is even faster when leveraged in conjunction with optional Amazon or Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

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Featured Client: AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Consolidates 100+ Platforms to Cloud Storage With SkySync

SkySync is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure…”

 Luke Temple, Services Design Architect

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