Sync, Copy or Migrate Files to IBM FileNet

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Backup, Sync, and Migrate IBM ECM with SkySync Middleware
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Integrate IBM ECM

Enterprise content management systems are excellent tools for large companies looking to easily store and move content for internal use. But ECM alone are not always enough. Many companies also have cloud storage or older on-premise platforms where they keep files, complicating employee collaboration and content management. SkySync integrates IBM ECM with these other storage options for simple, streamlined content management across platforms. SkySync currently supports IBM FileNet P8, IBM Content Manager DB2, IBM QuickR, and IBM Lotus Notes.

Enterprise content management made simple

Users looking to integrate IBM ECMs with other platforms can do so with just a few clicks of the mouse. SkySync migrates, backups, and bi-directionally syncs petabytes of content without compromising speed; multiple companies have used our middleware technology to move content up to 50x faster than other approaches. (And our partnerships with Amazon and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services can make it even faster!) SkySync also saves IT valuable time by retaining file permissions, structures, and metadata when content is moved.

Keep content secure

SkySync has been created to meet the most regulated and secure network environments. With SkySync, files are not streamed via an intermediary cloud. Instead, they are sent directly to the storage destination. The lack of a proprietary cloud service keeps your content secure!

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Featured Client: AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Consolidates 100+ Platforms to Cloud Storage With SkySync

SkySync is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure…”

Luke Temple, Services Design Architect

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