SkySync – Synchronize, Migrate, Copy or Publish Content

Enterprise Content Integration

Integrates to any Storage Platform
Tightly integrate storage platforms at the deepest API level. Globally manage all of your Enterprise Content Integration operations – no matter their physical location or platform.

Any Use-Case Scenario
Migrate, copy, bi-directional synchronize, publish or archive entire file structures, versions, permissions, time-stamps and related metadata in just a few clicks.

File Transfer Governance
Agile system-to-system integration is just the beginning. With SkySync’s file transfer governance extensions you have full control of what, where, why and when files are moved across storage platforms including user desktops.

Storage System Analytics
Interrogate and report on file storage profiles whether they are networked, non-networked remote offices or even user desktops.

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Business Benefits

  • Adopt cloud-based EFSS services while maintaining a single source-of-truth
  • Deploy cloud storage while meeting compliance requirements
  • Share information across siloed business environments
  • Manage content publishing from existing systems to cloud sharing services
  • Integrate cloud sharing while maintaining existing system functionality
  • Preserve local file retrieval performance
  • Utilize for Backup, Archive or eDiscovery support
  • Zero impact to existing systems or user operations
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SkySync – Enterprise Edition

  • Architected for large-scale, centralized deployments
  • Designed to manage petabytes of content and 10,000’s of users
  • Advanced functions to automate large-scale and complex use-cases
  • Extended Metadata capabilities
  • Optional ECM and other specialty Connectors
  • Can be deployed on a VM, server or server cluster(s)
  • May be optionally deployed within Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2


SkySync – Platform Edition

  • Architected for large-scale distributed Environments
  • Centrally manage user-desktop sync/migration operations
  • Centrally manage remote offices/sites file transfer operations
  • Manage jobs from any PC, Tablet or phone via web admin console
  • Deploys on Windows, Mac OS, Linux


SkySync –  Business Edition

  • Ideally suited for small to medium deployments
  • SkySync – Business Edition installs and configures in just minutes
  • For companies with fewer than 10TB/1,000 users
  • Sits behind your firewall, 100% under your control and security domain
  • Starting as low as 1 TB per year of file transfer volume


Storage Connector API and SDK Integration Framework

  • Enables organizations to quickly build custom storage connectors
  • Integrate storage connectors and SkySync operations within any app
  • Fully documented with sample code

SkySync has saved us thousands of hours.”
Anthony Jarrett, Director of Enterprise Services – TFA

Scalability and Performance

Architected to meet the most secure environments, SkySync does not transfer files through any intermediary or live within a proprietary cloud. SkySync is designed for high-volume transfers, securely deployed on your hardware, behind your firewall, and leverages your existing security model.

  • No file caching or system snap-shotting
  • No proprietary cloud or intermediary cloud “presence point”
  • Files are streamed directly from the source to the destination
  • All transfers are via HTTPS (AES 256 Bit Encryption)

You can also simply provision your own pre-installed SkySync virtual machine (VM) instance within Microsoft’s Azure cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Hyper-Transfer Technology

SkySync is architected to manage and move up to billions of files and petabytes of content. Faster than other approaches by up to 50x, it automatically optimizes file throughput based upon network and cloud storage conditions. SkySync can even “pool” multiple cloud account connections together when immense files transfer operations are required.

  • Network and storage API connections are continually optimized
  • Multiple/parallel file thread-writes
  • Multiple account connections are clustered
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