Enterprise Content Integration & Migration Platform

Seamless Automation of Your Storage Migrations & Synchronizations

One thing that has remained constant in the ever-changing world of content storage and collaboration is the inability of many enterprises to consolidate to a single platform. As businesses adopt newer, more efficient solutions and systems, they often continue to support their existing legacy storage systems – creating silos and clouding visibility into where content is stored and, perhaps more importantly, identifying who has access and maintaining control.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the content management paradigm. Enterprises are now discovering that there is a way to integrate their disparate platforms, bridging silos and enabling collaboration while ensuring that file governance policies are met.

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Enterprise Challenges Arise

Historically, migration and synchronization of content across different storage platforms has been a painful process for most enterprises – hence why so many have maintained multiple legacy systems. There are many reasons why large-scale migrations have posed such a challenge – across both the platform and human complexity landscape.

Your workforce is agile, internal processes vary diversely, and you require access and control over all of your critical content. SkySync – and our platform – is creating a new standard where enterprises have unfettered access and control over their content, liberating the way their people work.

The SkySync Enterprise Content Integration & Migration Platform

SkySync is a powerful Enterprise Content Integration and Migration platform that seamlessly integrates diverse enterprise storage platforms, bridging on-premises systems with virtually any cloud storage service. The platform transparently syncs, migrates or copies files across systems automatically, while leaving organizations in complete control of their content – providing unprecedented agility compared to traditional migration and integration methods, with the ability to bi-directionally sync and transfer files, users, permissions and all associated data across dozens of platforms, supporting a wide range of use cases.

  • Supports high-speed, large-scale, and highly- complex migrations.
  • Purpose-built for complex cross-system storage integration, management and control of content to support governance, compliance, discovery, and retention mandates.
  • Operating system-agnostic with customizable, open, and scalable architecture.

SkySync has saved us thousands of hours.”
Anthony Jarrett, Director of Enterprise Services – TFA

Enabling Content Solutions for World-Class Enterprises

SkySync sits in the middle of your world, unifying your platforms to provide singular control – while dramatically reducing risk and complexity. And your people? SkySync empowers them with the content access they need to be more agile, eliminating the content boundaries that confine your business.

Govern & Control

Expand your governance and control reach beyond your existing ECM systems, enabling centralized access and control of all your content repositories – transition at your own pace through synchronization.

Modernize & Enable

Leverage cloud collaboration platforms with all your ECM systems, eliminating the need for impactful migrations or abandoning your existing systems and investment – preventing single vendor lock-in.

Migrate & Sync

Deliver efficient, large-scale and highly- complex content migration across both cloud and on-premises systems through a world-class enterprise content migration engine – built from the ground up.