User Desktop & Remote Office Control

The Wild-West of EFSS

SkySync enables an entirely new array of operational efficiency, governance, and control for user desktop and remote office content.

Cloud-based Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) services enable an easy and open file sharing paradigm however the ongoing control of content flow to/from those systems has been largely left to the discretion of end users.

Sensitive, confidential, or other internal-use-only files can be easily moved to these cloud services with little to no IT control, business oversight, or automated policies.

Controls User Desktop Sync or Migration Operations

SkySync enables IT admins, supervisors and/or managers to readily define rules that control file transfers to/from any supported Cloud service. Use case examples:

  • Centralized Control of User Desktop Migration (the “last mile” migration of content)
  • Centralized Control of on-going PC-to-Cloud sync operations (Desktop Sync)
  • Centralized Control of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) rules to user desktop content

Remote Offices and Sites

These same desktop functions can be extended to remote site servers or virtual machines – enabling administrators to centrally manage all file transfer activities no matter their physical location or connected network.

With SkySync we’ve been able to close the gap in technology between what our employees have at home and what they have at work.”
Stijn Stabel, Head of Architecture and Innovation – Alcopa

Desktop Content Visibility

SkySync Desktop Interrogation Functions enable system administrators to gather and organize critical details about User Desktop content across the entire organization


Desktop 3rd Party Integration

SkySync’s open architecture enables any number of 3rd party applications to be tightly integrated into the Desktop Worker Agent. Malware, virus, and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) solutions can be leveraged to enhance desktop files-to-cloud service security, compliance, and governance.