SkySync – Advanced Functions

Advanced Network File Capabilities

Network User-Drive Mapping
SkySync’s User-Drive Mapping functionality enables system administrators to create one master job that automatically links and integrates hundreds or even tens-of-thousands of user home-drive folders to their individual cloud user account.
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Shared Folder Mapping
Designed for shared and project-based folder schemas, Folder Mapping enables administrators to automatically select specific folders within a group to be transferred.
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SkySync – Platform Edition

Architected for multi-office, geo-located organizations, the Platform Edition manages file transfer operations and governance, no matter their physical location; whether it’s local servers, networked user desktops, non-networked users, or remote office storage systems.

  • Centrally manage user-desktops sync/migration operations
  • Centrally manage remote offices/sites file transfer operations
  • Manage jobs from any PC, Tablet or phone via web admin console
  • Deploys on Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Highly configurable and customizable
  • Highly-distributed and/or centralized architecture

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SkySync is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure at AstraZeneca.”
Luke Temple, Services Design Architect – AstraZeneca

File Staging and Transformation

When file manipulation and transformation functions such as PDF conversion, template application to COLD files, file hierarchy reorganization etc. are required prior to migration to your new storage platform, SkySync offers a myriad of advanced functions and plug-ins that support file staging.

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