• Large Scale Migrations

    On-Premises-to-Cloud or Cloud-to-Cloud.

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  • Hybrid/Sync Integration

    Integrate storage systems together in minutes.

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  • IT-Controlled Desktop Sync

    Globally manage remote sites and User Desktop Sync operations.

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  • Integration (SDK | API)

    Build new connectors or integrate storage within your business applications.

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SkySync is an agile middleware platform that integrates all of your file sources with Citrix ShareFile.
Migration | File Governance | File Analytics | Global IT Control | Hybrid/Sync | HSM

The Untethered Enterprise

Tightly integrate Citrix ShareFile, other cloud-based storage and EFSS services, local and remote network storage as well as user-desktops and robust ECM platforms. Globally manage all of your enterprise file logistics operations – no matter the physical location, storage medium or platform.

Migrate, copy, publish and/or bi-directionally synchronize entire file structures, permissions and all related metadata across any number of connected storage system in just a few clicks.

Built for Speed, Security and Scale

SkySync is architected to meet the most secure and regulated network environments

  • No file caching or snapshotting
  • No proprietary cloud service
  • Files are streamed directly to the storage destination, not via an intermediary cloud or “presence point”
Hyper-Transfer Technology

SkySync is architected to manage/move billions of files and petabytes of content. Faster than other approaches by up to 50x, SkySync is even faster when leveraged in conjunction with optional Amazon or Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

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Featured Client: Commercial Contracting Corporation

Commercial Contracting Corporation Quickly Migrates to Citrix Sharefile

Our migration to Citrix ShareFile simply could not have happened as smoothly as it did without the assistance of SkySync.”

Paulette Salkowski, VP Operations Support

The Streets of Citrixville

Meet Jennifer… the Citrix ShareFile rep. She’s met her match: “Bob,” the grumpy IT manager. Can she convince him why ShareFile + SkySync is the best solution for his company’s enterprise integration and rollout?

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