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Tightly integrate Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is a cloud service connector that allows users to easily and securely collaborate across devices. ShareFile helps employees send, sync and share files in a secure environment, making it a useful tool for growing mobile workforces. Unfortunately, integrating ShareFile with existing platforms can become time-consuming and costly, especially if an older on-premise connector is involved. Companies also stand to lose important metadata and file structures in the transition.

SkySync middleware streamlines the integration process by bridging Citrix ShareFile and your other platforms. With just a couple clicks, SkySync can quickly and painlessly move your files, without losing data. SkySync allows you to manage your enterprise content integration hassle-free.

Featured Client: Commercial Contracting Corporation

Commercial Contracting Corporation Quickly Migrates to Citrix Sharefile

Our migration to Citrix ShareFile simply could not have happened as smoothly as it did without the assistance of SkySync.”

Paulette Salkowski, VP Operations Support

SkySync: fast, secure middleware

Other file migration tools can lose time as they struggle to handle large workloads. SkySync moves up to 50x faster than other approaches, and can manage billions of files with ease. In the case of Commercial Contracting Corporation, SkySync migrated 2.4 terabytes of content to ShareFile in two weeks, with features like User Mapping and Permissions Migration providing a seamless transition.

Companies with regulated network environments can also benefit from SkySync, which is architected to meet their needs. Our middleware does not use a proprietary cloud service; instead, files are streamed directly to the storage destination, and never cached or snapshotted. This keeps your files secure as it moves between platforms.

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