Success for Our Customers is the SkySync Way

Our customers are the reason we are here. They are why we exist, why we work as hard as we do… and why we succeed.

Our migration simply could not have happened as smoothly as it did without the assistance of SkySync.”
Paulette Salkowski, VP Operations Support – Commercial Contracting Corporation

The SkySync Client Services Approach

The SkySync team can manage the entire life-cycle of your project. Our team of top-notch industry experts will enable you with proven best practices so that you can immediately begin to realize value in your SkySync and storage platform investments.

Discovery / Assessment
Rollout / Monitoring
  • 100% Managed Services

    Project is managed from beginning to end,  Turnkey service which manages all of the activities surrounding a migration on behalf of a client.

  • Quick Launch Services

    Rapid deployment of SkySync with basic training.

  • Detailed Design

    Map detailed requirements into a proposed SkySync Solution, including infrastructure design, SkySync job configuration, and roll out.

  • Implementation Training

    Determine sequencing and planning
    for content and users

  • SkySync Training Services

    Train or re-train SkySync Administrators on how to configure SkySync and monitor SkySync activity.

  • Requirements Analysis

    Detailed requirements for migrating content between platforms or supporting hybrid storage solution.

  • Content Management Strategy Consulting

    What mix of platforms for what types of content.

  • Storage Administration

    Monitor storage utilization and cloud synchronizations.

  • Cloud Enabled Application Extensions

    Extend applications to external parties by leveraging SkySync hybrid implementations.

  • Change Management

    Provide a SkySync SME to your team