Product Suite Overview

SkySync – Enterprise Edition

  • Architected for large-scale, centralized deployments
  • Designed to manage petabytes of content and 1,000’s of users
  • Advanced functions to automate large-scale and complex use cases
  • Extended Metadata capabilities
  • Optional ECM and other Connectors
  • Can be deployed on a VM(s) or server/server cluster(s)
  • May be optionally deployed within Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2

SkySync – Business Edition

  • Ideally suited for small to medium deployments, the SkySync Business Edition Installs and configures in just minutes
  • For companies with less than 10TB/1,000 users
  • Starting as little as 1TB  How to buy
  • Sits Behind your firewall, 100% under your control and security domain

OneSync Platform

  • Manage User-Desktops and Remote Office/Site file transfer operations
  • Fully-responsive Web Admin Console (PC, Tablet, Phone)
  • Deploys on Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Storage Connector API

  • OneSync’s connector API enables organizations to quickly build custom storage connectors.
  • The API exposes the same array of functions of our core connectors.
  • Fully documented with sample code.
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Enterprise Storage Support

SkySync integrates to an ever-growing list of on-premises and cloud-based storage platforms.

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