OneSync – Enterprise File Logistics

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OneSync – Enterprise File Logistics

OneSync globally manages file transfer operations and governance, no matter the physical location or storage medium; whether it’s local servers, networked user desktops, non-networked users, or remote office storage systems.

Global IT Governance of all File Transfer operations.

Building upon the core constructs of SkySync, OneSync offers:

  • Centralized control over the enterprise
  • A wide breadth of storage connectors
  • Advanced functions to auto-manage the most complex use-cases
  • Global IT-control for all remote file transfer operations
  • Highly-configurable and customizable
  • Distributed and/or centralized architecture
  • Designed to manage billions of files and petabytes of content

Deploys on:

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The IT-Controlled User Desktop and Remote sites

Via OneSync’s intuitive web console, System Administrators can access and control on-going sync or “last-mile” migration operations at user desktops from anywhere, on any device. Easily view and manage all aspects of user-desktop sync operations: locations, file types, sizes, names, network utilization, etc.

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SkySync is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure at AstraZeneca.”
Luke Temple, Services Design Architect – AstraZeneca

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Simple, Secure Deployment

OneSync deployments are incredibly flexible, yet 100% secure, with no proprietary cloud or intermediary ingestion points. OneSync “Worker Agents” can be silently deployed to user desktops and/or downloaded to any remote NFS or server(s).


Worker Agents

Created and controlled by OneSync System Administrators, Worker Agents execute all file operations where they are deployed, automatically transferring files DIRECTLY to the target system(s).