Migrating to Office 365 at your Pace – Without Burdening the Workforce (Webinar)

Migrating to Office 365 at your Pace – Without Burdening the Workforce

Office 365 offers a full suite of productivity and collaboration tools – it is plain to see why many organizations are interested in taking advantage of this one-stop-shop for a digital workplace. But getting there isn’t always easy.

Are you interested in Microsoft’s tools, but have concerns about how you can migrate to Office 365 without disrupting your end-users? Many companies have Office 365, but are confused on how to get started as the amount of services available in Office 365 can be overwhelming.

Join our webinar, where we will discuss…

  • Microsoft’s most recent releases and announcements made during the North American SharePoint Conference, and how they can benefit you
  • How to start your migration to Office 365 without confusing or making your end-users less productive
  • Identifying which services are low-hanging fruit and how to implement them in an easy way
  • The basic principles of change management during your migration process, which will help your chances of a successful project
  • How technology can help you support your people in their journey towards Office 365

Presented by Jethro Seghers – SkySync Program Director

Jethro Seghers is the Program Director at SkySync. He is responsible for Technical Evangelism, Product and Brand Recognition. He has over 15 years of experience in consulting, development, marketing, and product management. Jethro was an Office 365 MVP for five years. He is an internationally recognized author and speaker for Azure, Office 365 and Cloud Services.

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