Integration API / Framework SDK

Storage Connector API

SkySync’s Connector API enables organizations to develop custom storage connectors (one-way or fully bi-directional) to meet their unique needs. Our API exposes the same functionality of our core connectors, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your storage application to the full suite of SkySync features. Fully documented with sample code available, the SkySync Connector API includes automated validation testing to optimize performance and speed development.


For User Desktop Sync

Plug-in capable for 3rd party malware, virus, and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) applications.

Image module

SkySync functions flawlessly and continues to do so.”
Tom Morris, CTO – Landmark Field Services

Image module

Connector Framework SDK

SkySync was designed from the ground-up to be fully extensible, meeting virtually any use-case scenario. The entire breadth of storage connectors and SkySync functions are available as a framework to integrate within your existing software solutions.


Customizable Look and Feel

The SkySync interface is designed to be completely customizable utilizing your CSS definitions.