Modernize & Enable Your Workforce

Collaborate without compromise.

Your end-users want to use the content they have available in your legacy ECM platforms, but within new systems that allow them to be productive wherever they are. Cloud storage and collaboration platforms continue to be the driving force of digital transformation within the enterprise.

With SkySync, you can provide your end-users with the right tool for the right job, enabling them to work as efficiently as possible without any complications – and without any compromise on your governance policies, security measures, or existing integrations.

Extend collaboration with your legacy ECM investments.

Using SkySync’s powerful synchronization engine, you can easily extend the effective collaboration capabilities of popular cloud services to all of your existing Enterprise Content Management systems.

Simply define which content management platforms you wish to integrate, and SkySync will seamlessly sync files between the systems, with all original security and classification measures in place. SkySync’s synchronization engine will automatically remediate any file name, length or type incompatibilities – resulting in a reduction of IT overhead and a flawless integration of any ECM system with your new cloud collaboration platform.

Enable your enterprise. Empower your workforce.

  • Integrate cloud collaboration platforms to your existing systems.
  • Maintain control of your content across all repositories.
  • Selectively synchronize your content based on rules and filters.
  • Enable complete transparency for end-users.
  • Support for 40+ storage platform connectors.
  • Support for user, permissions and metadata mapping.
  • Preserves all file fidelity across systems.
  • Remove overhead with auto-remediation of incompatible files.
  • Extensive reporting and audit logging of all file transfers.

With SkySync, we enable our users to leverage the storage platforms that make them the most productive.”
Zach Belles, IT & Help Desk Manager – Skullcandy