“How to Leverage Governance & Compliance Tools With Multiple Content Management Systems” Webinar

How Can I Leverage My Compliance & Governance Tools  With Multiple Content Management Systems?

The harsh reality is that most enterprises are managing multiple content management systems. According to AIIM, a majority of organizations have deployed 5 or more document management platforms, and many are still plagued with Shadow IT introduced by rogue users. A scattered IT environment is teeming with business risk: a loss of structure and content control, exposure to security breaches, and even fines for non-compliance with information privacy regulations.

Is it possible to obtain a single, global view and governance of all repositories?

In our upcoming webinar we’ll discuss the ways in which enterprises can integrate their diverse content management systems to each other and to their governance and classification systems, such as Microsoft Azure Information Protection, in order to regain control, enable greater visibility and better govern their content. Register today to learn…

  • What are the risks and benefits to having multiple content management systems?
  • How to regain control of your distributed content systems using tools like Azure Information Protection
  • Protecting your organization from Shadow IT while enabling user productivity
  • How to maintain a compliant content management model over time

Presented by Jethro Seghers – Program Director

Jethro Seghers is the Program Director at SkySync. He is responsible for Technical Evangelism, Product and Brand Recognition. He has over 15 years of experience in consulting, development, marketing, and product management. Jethro was an Office 365 MVP for five years. He is an internationally recognized author and speaker for Azure, Office 365 and Cloud Services.

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