Sync, Copy or Migrate Files to Google Drive

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SkySync is an agile middleware platform that integrates all of your file sources with Google Drive.
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Migrate Your Content to Google Drive

SkySync is a powerful, universal integration adapter for content systems. It’s as simple as creating connections and marrying those connections together via jobs in just minutes. Entire content stores can be automatically synced or migrated to Google Apps with just a few clicks.

SkySync delivers an unprecedented level of storage agility, enabling organizations to migrate, sync, or publish content across any of the dozens of supported platforms. This wide-ranging support includes cloud storage repositories, on-premises systems like network file-shares, and legacy ECM platforms, as well as industry-standard systems that support CMIS or OpenStack. With new connectors being released frequently, it’s likely that SkySync can help you integrate your specific platforms together.

However, not all storage platforms are created equally.

For example, both the Google Apps and Drive APIs provide developers full access to content along with additional functions that enable highly-advanced use-case scenarios such as user impersonation and mapping.

Drive’s “Changes API” delivers maximum efficiency during SkySync synchronization scenarios. Rather than being forced to crawl content, SkySync can merely request that Drive provide a list of changes. This approach significantly increases sync speed and mitigates bandwidth utilization.

SkySync solutions, via Google Apps, leverage industry standards for security like HTTPS and OAuth2 so content is fully-protected at all times. In addition to preserving time stamps on the content, SkySync can also synchronize user-defined metadata fields between Google Apps and any other platform that supports metadata such as SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet, and many others.

Built for Speed, Security and Scale

SkySync is architected to meet the most secure and regulated network environments

A very common SkySync use-case is integrating Google Drive with network shares while “mapping” an extensive list of folders. The list may represent regions, cities, or locations as well as departments, projects, or other entities in your organization. With a few clicks, you can configure SkySync to map the folders (or specific subsets, leveraging SkySync inclusion/exclusion capabilities) to locations within your cloud account. This content is effectively migrated, however both systems can also remain in place as a long term co-existence. Lastly, by sharing these folders from your Google Drive account, your network share data can be exposed to external collaborators, travelers, or field operations personnel. Other features enable you to migrate an entire enterprise set of users into their specific Google Drive account.

Additionally, SkySync can migrate permissions. In most cases, migrating ACLs from your network share to your Google Apps enterprise-shared folders can be accomplished by simply activating this feature. SkySync maps the ACLs to your Google Apps users and groups and create folder permissions during the initial migration.

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Featured Client: Meritide + Velocity

SkySync’s Metadata Mapping Feature enables successful migration to Google Drive.

We were able to come in under budget in both the cost and time estimated for the project. SkySync certainly proved its value.

Bill Stoyke, Director of Sales and Marketing – Meritide

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