Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements to install SkySync? How do I get technical support for SkySync? Is additional support available? How is SkySync Licensed? How do I renew SkySync? How do I connect my storage systems to SkySync? What kind of reports does SkySync provide?
Will SkySync affect any user agreements with my existing Storage Providers? Does SkySync store my files, file-related information or passwords? What impact does SkySync have on my existing security?
How fast will SkySync sync or migrate my content? What can I do to predict or control the speed of my file transfers? What are Parallel Thread Writes?
What are the operation differences between Synchronize, Migrate and Copy? Does SkySync sync/migrate user accounts? Does SkySync sync/migrate user names and dates associated with the files? Does SkySync sync/migrate permissions? Does SkySync sync/migrate metadata? Does SkySync migrate document versions? How does SkySync handle special characters in a file or folder name? How does SkySync handle files that exceed a platform’s maximum size limitations or are unsupported by the destination platform? Can I filter my content?
Is there a limit to the number of active SkySync connections? I don’t see my storage system listed as a connector. Can you build it? Does SkySync have an API?