File Migration

File Migration and System Consolidation

SkySync’s unique “in-place” migration capabilities enable clients to realize a number of business benefits without any impact to existing business processes. And since SkySync file transfer operations are completely transparent to your organization, the user’s adoption pace is at their comfort level.


  • Lower/reduced Costs
  • Unified Control and Governance
  • Single Source of Truth

File Migration Types

Traditional Migration

  • In-place snapshot of existing content and data automatically transferred to the destination system

Migration Copy (One-Way Delta Sync)

  • Moves all initial files as well as any newly created files and/or file changes

Long-Term Hybrid / Sync Migration (Two-Way Sync)

  • Both systems can be deployed simultaneously; ROI starts on Day One
  • Moves all initial files as well as any newly created files and/or file changes
  • No impact to existing storage systems, user operations, or integrations with other business applications
Large-Scale Migrations (250TB to 10PB+)

In conjunction with our cloud partners, Amazon and Microsoft, SkySync can perform initial large-scale bulk migrations as well transfer/auto-manage any new files or file changes that occur while the migration is in process.

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) can also be controlled by SkySync, enabling users to exploit cloud storage as well as other cost-effective storage mediums, such as Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Azure Cloud Storage and Azure Cool Storage.

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Built for Incredible Speed and Scale

SkySync is architected from the ground-up, to reliability move and manage tremendous amounts of files and file-related data within the most secured environments. It’s multi-threaded, multi-account, LAN/WAN and API optimized so file transfer speeds persist at their maximum threshold. Within fully optimized environments, a single instance of SkySync has exceeded file transfers of 25TB/day.

Other solutions obfuscate their approach, transferring files to a proprietary or intermediary cloud “presence point” before reaching their final storage destination – adding transfer overhead, potential downtime and security risks. With SkySync, files are streamed directly to the storage destination via HTTPS (256-bit AES encryption) leveraging the storage systems’ latest native APIs.

By migrating with SkySync we’re expecting to save more than one million dollars per year.”
Tushar Joshi, Global Manager Escape Notes Program – Schneider Electric