Large-Scale File Migration at Unprecedented Speed

Enterprise content migration should support your business.

Once you choose to implement a new system, especially a new cloud storage platform, an internal struggle begins within your organization – you want to start using the new system as quickly as possible because it allows you to be more efficient and productive.

At the same time, you need to educate people so they feel confident enough and empowered in the new system to use it to its full potential. Many organizations feel they have they have to choose between two options, and often lose control over their migration project – but this doesn’t have to be the case.

With SkySync, your new and existing systems can fully function in a true hybrid mode, until the time is just right for your organization to make the switch.

Transition at your own pace. Migrate and sync.

Leveraging the SkySync Enterprise Content Integration Platform – and our world-class synchronization engine – you can establish a bi-directional sync between your new and existing storage platforms. SkySync can automatically mirror the content within both systems.

Any changes made to the content, in either platform, will be synchronized, ensuring your files are kept up-to-date at all times.

Your organization stays fully in control of your synchronization process; content is encrypted while being synchronized between the two platforms and will never leave your environment, minimizing the risk of a data breach.

Enable your enterprise. Empower your workforce.
  • No impact to end-users.
  • Cut over when it makes sense.
  • Synchronization engine copies all deltas.
  • Run your migration on your own schedule.
  • Support for 40+ storage platform connectors.
  • Migration speeds up to 50x other tools/methods.
  • Support for user, permissions and metadata mapping.
  • Preserves all file fidelity across systems.
  • Extensive reporting and audit logging.
  • Remove overhead with auto-remediation.

By migrating with SkySync we’re expecting to save more than one million dollars per year.”
Tushar Joshi, Global Manager Escape Notes Program – Schneider Electric