Enterprise Storage Support

SkySync integrates to an ever-growing list of on-premises and cloud-based storage platforms.

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Core Operations

  • Migrate
  • Hybrid Integration (bi-directional Sync)
  • Copy/Backup (one-way Sync)
  • Publish/Archiving

Core Automated Functions

Network User Home-Drive folder Mapping Watch Video

Maps user network folders to their cloud accounts

User Group Mapping Watch Video

Maps shared and group folders

Permissions Mapping Watch Video

Maps, transforms and migrates permissions

Author Preservation Watch Video

Maps and preserves file author/ownership

Metadata Mapping Watch Video

Maps and preserves extended metadata

Pre & Post Job Analyzer Tools

SkySync’s Pre-Run Analyzer will perform a “dry run” of the file transfer, displaying the anticipated results prior to SkySync Job execution. The Post-Run Analyzer will provide a summary of all of the transfer operations.


Auditing & Custom Reporting

SkySync provides a full array of auditing capabilities, logging every SkySync action during the file transfer process. In addition to standard reporting, System Administrators may perform any number of structured queries to generate their own unique reports.