Core Features

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SkySync can fully and bi-directionally synchronize, migrate, copy, backup, archive or publish files across any number of storage platforms while preserving permissions, metadata and versions.

Enterprise Storage Support

SkySync integrates to an ever-growing list of on-premises and cloud-based storage platforms.

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File Data Preservation

Permissions Mapping

SkySync can be configured to migrate permissions while transferring content across storage platforms.
Watch 1 minute use-case video

Time-Stamp Preservation
For systems that support this function, SkySync preserves the original “created by,” “last modified by,” and “last-accessed” dates during transfer.

Created By/Author Preservation
Author Preservation links users and preserves user file author ownership and other properties while synchronizing, migrating or archiving files. Available for systems that support user impersonation via their API. Watch 1 minute use-case video

File Version Preservation
For versioned documents, SkySync automatically keeps both storage systems aligned even if each system utilizes different versioning schemas.

Metadata Mapping
For systems that support extended metadata, SkySync’s Metadata Mapping feature automatically maps fields from one platform to another. Watch 1 minute use-case video

Automatic File-Name Transformation
Storage systems have specific file-naming requirements such as character type,
file-name length and/or file type. For files that do not meet these restrictions,
SkySync will automatically transform file-names into acceptable definitions.

SkySync has saved us thousands of hours.”
Anthony Jarrett, Director of Enterprise Services – TFA

Ad-Hoc File Copy and Move

SkySync’s Systems Navigator enables either administrators or end-users to perform ad-hoc file copy or move operations across systems. Simply drag & drop files or folders from one platform to another. You can also rename, add, delete and reorganize files and even create favorites within any connected storage platform.

Reporting and Analysis

Post Job Analyzer Tools
Similar to the Pre-Run Analyzer, the Post Analyzer displays what actually took place in the last job run as well as what changes will occur in the next.


History & Error Reporting
If SkySync encounters any file exception that it cannot automatically resolve, it will fail the transfer (for that file only) and log it within the system database as well as email the System Administrator.


Auditing & Custom Reporting
If activated, SkySync provides a full array of auditing capabilities where every action is logged within the database.

Performance and Network Optimization

Performance Control
You can define SkySync’s level of network utilization by KB/s or MB/s as well as cap the number of processing threads used for each sync, migration or archive job.


Transfer Optimization
SkySync’s Smart Throttling optimizes your storage platform connections. Under the covers, it automatically increases or decreases the number of parallel threads transferring files based on feedback from the storage platform, ensuring your job runs at peak performance.