ECM Turned Out Different – Tip Sheet

4 Ways “ECM” Turned Out Differently Than We Planned

The Single Repository Dream – Get Over It

ECM Turned Out Different

One of the byproducts of “the ECM term” has been an assumption that the desired outcome of an “ECM initiative” was to get everything into a single repository. Many of us within the ECM world purported to have a clear vision of how such a universal system should be applied across the enterprise, across multiple content types, and across multiple processes, managing the lifecycle of content from creation, through collaboration, distribution, process and archive, to eventual and defensible deletion.

There is clearly a migration in the direction of cloud content management solutions, which means that organizations have a decision to make relative to the large volume of documents in existing legacy systems. The challenge is that organizations may have millions of documents. Which should be moved and which should stay where they are?

Organizations typically adopt a hybrid approach to the question of content migration – they struggle with the decision about which information should stay where it is until some later point (or never!), which should migrate into new systems, and how both should be surfaced within business applications.

Download this paper discussing “The single repository dream – get over it”, and learn how organizations can address the multi-repository reality.