Migrate, Sync, and Backup Files to Dropbox for Business with SkySync
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Migrate, Sync, and Backup Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a platform that allows users to securely share files for easy collaboration in the workforce. Dropbox Business has 200,000 users, and that number is growing — but some enterprises need additional solutions to make the most of this cloud storage solution. Companies looking to integrate Dropbox Business with ECM, on-premise, or even other cloud-based storage need a way to bridge the two platforms, but some solutions can strip file structures, permissions, and metadata in the move.

SkySync has the capability to handle even the largest migrations quickly and without complications. SkySync has been a Dropbox Premier Partner since November 2015, giving it elevated vendor status and a dedicated technical point of contact to evaluate early adoption opportunities for new Dropbox features. SkySync’s middleware technology tightly integrates Dropbox to a wide range of storage systems without the hassle of creating custom coding. SkySync automatically maps file logistics and permissions for straightforward file backup and migration.

Featured Client: Skull Candy

See how one of the world’s best known headphone brands used SkySync to synchronize SharePoint On Premises with Dropbox for Business.

With SkySync, we’re not telling people what platform to use. We empower people to collaborate in the most productive and effective means for their particular work style.

Zach Belles, IT & Help Desk Manager

Built for fast and secure enterprise content management

As one of the leading service providers that built on the Dropbox for Business API, SkySync is well equipped to integrate with Dropbox Business and easily move content and backup files to Dropbox. SkySync helps retain Dropbox Business’ security and performance during file migrations between integrated platforms. Our middleware technology has helped companies like SkullCandy fully synchronize Dropbox for Business with other platforms like SharePoint. SkySync’s security features allow it to move billions of files in even the most secure network environments, with speeds up to 50x faster than other approaches.

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Join our local Dropbox for Business Rep Jennifer as she describes the Dropbox solution to one tough IT Manager.

SkySync’s unique “in-place” migration capabilities enable clients to realize a number of business benefits without any impact to existing business processes. And since SkySync is completely transparent to your organization, user adoption pace is at their comfort level.