With SkySync, we’re not telling people what platform to use. We empower people to collaborate in the most productive and effective means for their particular work style.

- Zach Belles, IT & Help Desk Manager – Skullcandy


Skullcandy is one of the world’s most distinct audio brands, using unique technology, color and character to revolutionize the audio arena by introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. Skullcandy is headquartered in Park City, Utah.


With more than 300 employees across the globe – at locations in the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, China and Japan – external sharing and collaboration of content has become an important success factor within Skullcandy’s business operations. Departments need to be able to quickly share documents with their counterparts in other locations, while also providing a consistent user-experience for employees who prefer different platforms.


At Skullcandy, the IT department has given employees platform freedom. “We let people choose the storage platform they like best and where they can be the most successful,” explained IT and Helpdesk Manager Zach Belles. “For our Windows users, we have Microsoft SharePoint on-premises and that’s great for them because they can map drives and collaborate easily, however our Mac users do not have that same user experience.” To solve this challenge, Skullcandy looked to Dropbox for Business.

“We leverage Dropbox as a means to externally share files very easily, where our employees can have a mapped drive that is cloud-based, yet still accessible to them locally,” Belles said. “It went incredibly well for our Dropbox users. The people within the factories, our marketing staff and our contractors are able to access and share files very easily, and we’ve seen improved efficiencies,” Belles said.

However Skullcandy’s IT department was faced with the challenge of tightly integrating both SharePoint and Dropbox for Business in a seamless manner. “We needed to find a way to keep those platforms synchronized so users could choose the platform that works best for them.” Belles said. “So Dropbox approached us about SkySync.”


Belles and his IT team downloaded trial of SkySync and in no time, was able to fully synchronize Dropbox for Business with its existing SharePoint environment. “We were able to see how seamless it truly was and it just took off from there,” Belles said. “SkySync is such a cool tool to us, and it was so intuitive.”


“It’s really enhanced our users’ experience because now what they’re seeing in Dropbox is exactly what they’re seeing in SharePoint,” Belles said.

With both storage systems fully synchronized, Skullcandy IT is comfortable knowing that its mission-critical content in the cloud is also being stored locally, on-site. And Skullcandy’s employees have appreciated Dropbox for Business so much that they’ve started using it for personal files as well.

“We allow our employees to use Dropbox for their personal files, as SkySync gives us the control to choose what content is backed–up to our local servers,” Belles said. “If we want to exclude MP3s, videos and other personal items that many people have in Dropbox, SkySync enables us to just store the necessary information that’s important to the business.”


Skullcandy’s decision to allow employees to choose whatever platform works best for them perfectly aligns with its company culture. “Skullcandy is a fun, yet strategically aggressive company. We’re young, we wear what we want, we do what we want and we have fun,” Belles said. “With SkySync, we’re not telling people what platform to use. We enable their success enabling them to leverage the storage platforms that make them the most productive. We empower people to collaborate in the most productive and effective means for their particular work style.”