SkySync provides a real two-way bridge–from the field to our internal systems and vice versa. It allows for the collaboration we need and everyone could not be happier.

Montana Rane, Senior Network Engineer - Policy Link


When two companies as synergistic as Box® and Portal Architects get together to help non-profit organizations help make the world a better place, only good things can happen. Box recently established, a program designed to provide its cloud services to nonprofit organizations across the country at a highly discounted cost. Likewise, Portal Architects is mirroring those discounts with its SkySync product, which provides groundbreaking synchronization technology. Both companies are dedicated to helping these groups gain a higher level of data access and collaborative ability.


PolicyLink is a national research and action institute advancing economic and social equity in United States. Headquartered in Oakland, California with offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York, PolicyLink’s tagline is “Lifting Up What Works” through increasing economic opportunity, health and wellness, affordable housing, and quality education for communities of color.


While administered from its key offices, the vast majority of PolicyLink’s work is done locally; in cities, communities and neighborhoods across the nation. Its many partnerships with foundations and action-oriented non-profit organizations help fuel PolicyLink’s ability to achieve their many missions and objectives. Their key driver is having the ability to successfully orchestrate the many elements it takes to bring these efforts to fruition.


PolicyLink’s challenge is being able to provide its employees traveling in the field, as well as its collaborating partners, continual access to data. Montana Rane, Senior Network Engineer at PolicyLink explained that the organization utilizes a Network File-Share environment at its offices. The organization wanted to find a way to extend access to the field so that all collaborators would have easy access to ongoing project files. This includes the full range of Office files, large data sets, GIS data and the like. “We have about 70 people that need remote access to all of our files,” said Montana. “Access and sharing is extremely important to us.”


PolicyLink decided to utilize a hybrid solution that included Box® cloud technology and Portal Architect’s SkySync® file synchronization application. “The combination was exactly what we needed to make this work,” explained Montana. “Box provides connectivity to the remote users while SkySync enables our corporate file structure to be flawlessly and securely transplanted to the field and to all our collaborating partners,” he explained.


The hybrid solution of Box® and SkySync® has provided a true two-way bridge that enables PolicyLink employees to focus less on the logistics of data access and more on the important work they provide to real people every day. “The solution provides a real two-way bridge–from the field to our internal systems and vice versa. It allows for the collaboration we need and everyone could not be happier,” explained Montana. “Installation of SkySync took only 30 minutes and we were up and running. It’s a product that just does exactly what it is supposed to do.”