SkySync saves valuable time so that our employees can more easily and effectively serve customers. The product is simple, intuitive and exactly what we needed.

Chris Thibault, Lead Systems Engineer - First American Equipment Finance


First American Equipment Finance is an equipment finance company that serves large corporate borrowers nationwide. First American is one of the top 50 equipment financing firms in America. In 2012, First American was purchased by City National Bank, an innovative and highly successful U.S. bank with nearly $30 billion in assets.


First American specializes in financing and leasing technology equipment to its clients. It embraces leading-edge technology in its own business. First American uses innovative tools to avoid the hassles associated with traditional, paper and manual workflows common in the industry. First American has pioneered the use of e-documentation, as well as a host of other client-focused online and mobile lease management resources. To facilitate a high level of customer convenience while also providing employees with true data mobility, the company leverages cloud technologies, including Box®.


First American set an ambitious goal of eliminating its file servers and replacing them with cloud-based file-sharing technologies like Box. The plan included adding mobility capabilities that enable employees to access company data remotely. The challenge is that the marketing department is constantly creating, modifying and utilizing large image and video files. These files are core business tools that need to be available with the convenience of instant, local file server access. To achieve that goal, more than 2 TB of live data must be continually synched to both the cloud-based and mobility content management systems.


“We selected a hybrid approach to effectively combine the mobility of the cloud with the lightning-fast access of a local file,” explained Chris Thibault, Lead Systems Engineer.

Chris and his team turned to Portal Architect’s product, SkySync. SkySync provided a bridge to synchronize First American’s complex, multi-level, multi-drive configuration at the enterprise level.


The product provided First American with a solution that enhances both efficiency and service. “SkySync saves valuable time so that our employees can more easily and effectively serve customers,” said Chris. “The product is simple, intuitive and exactly what we needed.”

Chris explained, “Everything we do is focused on enhancing the user experience, and this solution has been very successful achieving that objective.”


Chris confirmed that the First American information technology department was delighted with the deployment. Beyond that, Chris’ colleagues in other departments were highly satisfied with the roll out and user benefits. “It was as easy and seamless for both users and the IT staff,” said Chris.