We were very happy with not only the way the product worked, but with how responsive and helpful the people at Portal Architects were at helping us tweak the process.

Jim Adcock, Director of Enterprise Development - Dynamic Systems, Inc.


Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI®) is a national turn-key mechanical and process construction firm with its headquarters located in Austin, Texas, and major regional operations located throughout the United States. The company, which handles large projects like major airports and buildings, is a leader in the fabrication and installation of process and high purity piping systems, process exhaust, HVAC piping/sheet metal and sanitary plumbing.


DSI, as a contractor on many major mechanical contracting projects, often partners with other contractors and suppliers located across the country. It is mission-critical for the company to maintain smooth and timely communications and collaboration with its partners.


As a corporate enterprise, the company maintains a secured internal document management system that utilizes the Microsoft® SharePoint® platform. Documents created and modified throughout any project end up being shared on this system. Since DSI does not maintain a corporate extranet, it selected the Box® cloud platform as a central data repository and partner portal for sharing and collaborating with partners. The challenge for DSI was how to automatically synchronize its existing SharePoint security levels and complex folder structures seamlessly with Box.


Jim Adcock, DSI’s Director of Enterprise Development, explained that he was introduced to Portal Architects and its product SkySync by Box. “Since SkySync ‘speaks’ fluent SharePoint across many versions, the strategy was to put it into place to sync all relevant documents between DSI’s SharePoint libraries and Box. When specific stakeholders at DSI update or create new documents, SkySync was configured to sense any change and automatically perform updates to Box. Likewise, when their partner changed a document which was uploaded to Box, SkySync performed any SharePoint-required file-name translation and placed the latest document within their SharePoint platform.


“Dynamic Systems’ collaborative integration with our partner went off perfectly” described Adcock. “Within a very brief time that included setting up and tweaking the product, SkySync simply did exactly what it was supposed to do…take very specific SharePoint file-name formatting requirements, perform any necessary two-way translations, then automatically sync files both to and from Box,” explained Jim. “We were very happy with not only the way the product worked, but with how responsive and helpful the people at Portal Architects were at helping us tweak the process.”


Virtually as soon as SkySync was installed, Jim Adcock and his team began uncovering other use-cases. “We had another project where a partner utilized their own Cloud platform,” explained Jim. “We were able to get theirs integrated with our existing systems with virtually no effort. We also have had several other internal storage synchronization needs in which SkySync was immediately deployed and worked flawlessly. I also just discovered another opportunity where we have multiple project partners that we’ll have to sync with,” continued Jim. “I don’t have all the details yet, however I do know that SkySync will make it happen without any issues.”