Hybrid Storage Integration

Unparalleled Hybrid Storage Agility

SkySync’s true bi-directional synchronization capabilities open an entirely new array of system integration and storage co-existence options. You’re no longer tethered to a single platform or storage strategy. Recently acquired systems, existing platforms, new cloud services and/or systems-of-record can be tightly integrated in just minutes.

  • Newly-acquired content can be immediately integrated and shared across the enterprise
  • Meet on-premises compliance requirements
  • Preserves a single system-of-record/truth with consistent Record Management and Hierarchical storage management rules.
  • Leverage cloud storage benefits with no impact to existing systems or security
  • No impact to existing integration to other systems
  • Specialized functionality of the existing system is not sacrificed.
  • Realize Local retrieval performance for larger files.

With SkySync, we enable our users to leverage the storage platforms that make them the most productive.”
Zach Belles, IT & Help Desk Manager – Skullcandy

Long-Term Migrations

  • Enables users to adopt new systems (or leverage both) at their own pace
  • Controls: compliance, reporting, performance, network utilization