Sync, Copy or Migrate Files to Box for Business

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SkySync is an Agile Middleware Platform that Integrates all of your File Sources with Box

Integrate Box with your on-premises storage systems, including Network File Systems, SharePoint and ECM platforms.

Sync, Copy, Migrate or Backup Box

Box Integration

Whether you’re ready to take your on-premise storage to the cloud or have a global company that needs collaboration capabilities, Box can be a great solution for enterprise content management. Unfortunately, taking the next step to streamline your business is not always simple. Enterprises looking to migrate files can run into barriers when it comes to finding a middleware technology that integrates with their chosen platform, or moves through the job fast enough — and that can cost them money. They need a solution that gets the job done, without disrupting business.

SkySync is a Box partner that has experience with enterprise file sync and share. Our middleware software tightly integrates Box with other cloud-based storage and EFSS services, local and remote network storage, and user-desktops and robust ECM platforms. SkySync migrates, copies, publishes, and/or bi-directionally syncs entire file structures, permissions and all related metadata across any number of connected storage system in just a few clicks.

From there you can globally manage all of your enterprise file logistics operations – no matter the physical location, storage medium or platform.

Featured Client: AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Consolidates 100+ Platforms to Cloud Storage With SkySync

SkySync is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure…”

Luke Temple, Services Design Architect

Built for Speed, Security and Scale

Box is designed to meet your company’s security requirements and compliance standards — but is your migration tool? You’ll want to maintain your files’ security as you work, but integrating Box with another platform can leave your information vulnerable.

SkySync is architected to meet the most secure and regulated network environments. We stream files directly to the storage destination, not via an intermediary cloud or “presence point.” Additional security features like no file caching or snapshotting, or no proprietary cloud service, help keep your content secure.

Hyper-Transfer Technology

If you have billions of files, petabytes of content, and multiple systems, Box backup can be a slow process — and companies can lose out on profits when your middleware fails to move fast enough.

Our SkySync middleware is up to 50x faster than other approaches, and becomes even faster when leveraged in conjunction with optional Amazon or Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. As a Box partner, we’ve been recommended to tackle jobs like the upload of 20 terabytes of active content to Box. SkySync’s speed sets it apart and allows you to sync, migrate, and backup to Box quickly and efficiently.

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SkySync’s unique “in-place” migration capabilities enable clients to realize a number of business benefits without any impact to existing business processes. And since SkySync is completely transparent to your organization, user adoption pace is at their comfort level.

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