Integrate Autodesk BIM 360 with all your file sources

The Untethered Enterprise

Autodesk BIM 360 includes a variety of products built to connect teams through the cloud for streamlined collaboration. BIM 360 has solutions for every phase of the construction lifecycle, from preconstruction to handover. Companies interested in using this software to manage their projects often find it beneficial, but the process of integrating it with existing systems can be tricky. Syncing content from other platforms can become complicated for admins, and slow down the processing workflow. Users also run the risk of stripping valuable file permissions and metadata from their content, further complicating their file migrations.

SkySync understands this problem and is built to integrate Autodesk BIM 360 with a wide range of on-premise and cloud platforms. Our middleware bridges dissimilar storage systems and migrates, copies, and bi-directionally syncs files without losing data. SkySync’s speed and core features allow IT and other admins to globally manage your enterprise content integration with just a few clicks.

Fast, Efficient File Synchronization to Autodesk BIM 360

SkySync is architected to quickly and securely synchronize files to Autodesk and other platforms. Companies like Mortenson Construction, for example, have used SkySync to integrate Autodesk BIM 360 projects with on-premise network drives. They could then easily configure their projects and eliminate long import times.

SkySync is built for user convenience with features like reporting analysis, file data preservation, and analyzer tools. Our middleware runs up to 50x faster than other approaches, and can be leveraged in conjunction with optional Amazon or Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for even faster speeds. SkySync can move petabytes of content while operating in even the most regulated network environments with the elimination of file caching, snapshotting, and a proprietary cloud service.

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Featured Client: Mortenson Construction

Mortenson Construction uses SkySync to synchronize NFS to Autodesk BIM 360 Field

SkySync created a bridge to connect our network drives to the project library in BIM 360 Field, eliminating non-value add steps, dramatically increasing speed of access to files while automating the workflow. SkySync adds yet another step towards efficiency optimization.”

Ricardo Khan, Director of Integrated Construction – Mortenson Construction

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