Large Scale File Migrations to Amazon with SkySync

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Integrate Amazon Cloud Storage and Service with SkySync Middleware
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Amazon Cloud Backup

SkySync’s powerful middleware tools allow you to integrate a variety of Amazon cloud storage and service connectors with both on-premise and cloud platforms. SkySync currently supports these systems:

  • Amazon Workdocs
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Glacier

With SkySync, you can connect these Amazon products with a growing list of supported systems, including local and remote network storage, ECM platforms, EFSS services, and user-desktops. When leveraged in conjunction with optional Amazon or Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, SkySync can move up to 50x faster than other approaches. In fact, its ability to manage and move billions of files makes it a popular choice with enterprises looking for fast and effective middleware tools.

Hassle-free file migration and backup

Regardless of your physical location, storage medium, or platform, you can manage all of your enterprise content integration with SkySync. File structures, permissions, and metadata can easily be migrated, copied, and bi-directionally synchronized in just a couple clicks, without impacting business. Security features like file streaming directly to the storage destination and the elimination of a proprietary cloud service also keep your content secure.

Tackle large-scale file migrations with our cloud partners

SkySync is a cloud partner with both Amazon and Microsoft, allowing it to handle bulk file migrations as large as 250TB to 10PB+. This middleware tool can tackle initial large-scale migrations with auto-management of new files and file changes so data isn’t lost during migration. SkySync’s ability to control Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) also gives users the option to use cost-effective Amazon cloud storage like Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.

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Featured Client: AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Consolidates 100+ Platforms to Cloud Storage With SkySync

SkySync is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure…”

Luke Temple, Services Design Architect

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